Ignition interlock device costs & pricing

How much does an ignition interlock device cost?


Here are some of the main factors that need to be considered when asking the question, “How much does an ignition interlock device cost?” 

Some states offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford a court-ordered IID. The terms vary by state and circumstances and it’s usually up to the judge to determine eligibility.  


Additional features you are required to have

Different companies offer different features on their devices and/or multiple models that are “customizable” to fit any requirements imposed by the authorities. This could include but is not limited to GPS, a camera to photograph the user and real-time reporting of test results. The more of these features that are included, the more expensive the device may cost. These features will vary by state law, severity/repetition of offense and chosen provider.


The length of time you are required to have an ignition interlock device installed

Since the price is not a one-time fixed price, the longer you have the device installed, the more you will end up paying. Generally speaking, if the device is ordered, the length of time required is determined by the court’s discretion or regulations. This length of time can increase with violations or failed tests so be sure to remain compliant.


The year, make and model of the vehicle that is having the ignition interlock installed

Certain vehicles can result in a higher installation fee because of the time and difficulty involved.

Keeping all of that in mind, the price per day for an ignition interlock device generally comes out to less than $3 a day. That’s less than the cost of a single drink. In addition, there are often promotions such as free installation, free first month or discounted pricing.

When it’s all said and done, the cost is a lot less than what it would cost to take public transportation every day. It’s clear that an IID is a cost-effective way to prevent drinking and driving.


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