How much does a DUI cost?

DUI costs & what to expect


There are a lot of fees and indirect costs that come from a DUI, besides the initial fines and obvious costs. After you pay the fine for the DUI ticket itself, you may face additional expenses like incarceration and/or bail costs, attorney fees, license reissue fee, substance abuse treatment/counseling, an ignition interlock device, increased insurance rates, loss of income (loss of job or missed time), probation fees, alternate transportation, etc. That’s just with the first offense. Subsequent offenses can double and even triple any of the above amounts and cost you more than just money.


Often, people who choose to drive drunk are unaware of the financial consequences associated with it. If you find yourself in this situation, it helps to be prepared. Here’s an estimate of some of the associate charges you may face after being convicted of drunk driving: 


  • Bail and/or incarceration = $150-2,500
  • Towing and impound = $100-1,200
  • Attorney fees = $2,500-5,000
  • Court fines = $150-1,800
  • Alcohol treatment/counseling = $1,000-2,500
  • Licensing fees = $150
  • Drug/alcohol testing fee = $90
  • Probation supervision = $600-1,200
  • Ignition interlock device (IID) = $500-1,500
  • License reinstatement fee = $21-100
  • Community service supervision fee = $60
  • Alternate transportation = $100-1,000
  • Higher insurance premiums = $3,000-4,500


Keep in mind that the above costs are for first time offenses. For repeat offenders, high BrAC, property damage or if injuries occur, the fines and penalties are greatly increased. What is also not estimated above is hospital care for injured persons (yourself or otherwise), emotional costs, damage to one’s current or future career or lawsuits that can cost many thousands or millions of dollars more. 

While the number isn’t exact, you can count on the decision to drink and drive being a costly one.





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