Finding the best ignition interlock device company


How to find the best ignition interlock device company for you


Ask your DUI attorney, monitoring authority or someone near to the process about who they would recommend for your specific DUI offense and court order. You will want a device that fulfills your state’s ignition interlock device requirements and preferences. The top ignition interlock device companies include Intoxalock, Gaurdian, Smart Start and LifeSafer.


We make it easy! Our team of experts at looked into the best IID companies for you and overall, Intoxalock is a clear winner. We recommend Intoxalock to most people as it meets all state requirements and has the most convenience installation locations.


Important questions to ask when looking for an ignition interlock device company. Follow these tips to find the best IID for you:

Does the ignition interlock device company meet my state requirements?

Check with your monitoring authority or DUI attorney to ensure that the company you chose meets your requirements for your state’s DUI legislation. Our preferred provider, Intoxalock, has their sales and customer service representatives help you collect the paperwork and information needed to confirm which device you need. This is the fastest and easiest of set ups as we have found. 

Does the ignition interlock device offered include a camera, GPS or other advanced technology required by my state?

Not all ignition interlock devices are made equal. In fact, some of the technologies used by some breathalyzer devices are not state certified equipment. Make sure the company is a nationally recognized brand that has not been suspended in a state before—that could determine if their device will help you serve the time period without any hassles. 

Does the ignition interlock device company have convenient installation locations near me?

Use our ignition interlock device installation locations locator or enter your zip in order to find the nearest ignition interlock device installation locations near you, your work or your home. This will be the service center location that will be able to perform all of the installation, maintenance services, calibrations and device removal services that you need.

Has the ignition interlock company ever been suspended in a state in the U.S.?

We cannot stress this enough – make sure you are careful about which ignition interlock device company you go with. Companies that have been suspended in other states could get suspended in your state, which causes you more time and hassle. When an ignition interlock device company gets suspended in a state, all of their customers are required to find new companies and new devices which can delay your personal court ordered time period with an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Don’t let a company’s mistake cost you more time. 

This is why our experts prefer Intoxalock as it is one of the only ignition interlock device companies that has never been penalized in a state before.

Take reviews with a grain of salt – except for customer service reviews.

Ignition interlock device reviews can be heavily skewed with bad reviews from angry customers who have been caught drinking and driving with their device. Many companies get an overflow of bad reviews on several review sites due to customers that did not follow their court order, which has little to nothing to do with the ignition interlock device or the company. It is understandable that this is a rough time and the state laws certainly crack down on driving under the influence, the best thing the ignition interlock device company can do is provide helpful customer service if you need them.

Look at reviews that talk about customer service representatives and how they treat their customers. Negative reviews will likely be related to things that are true of all ignition interlock device companies—DUI costs are high, it can be expensive, if you drink and drive you will have a lockout and be inconvenienced by your ignition interlock device…these are all to be expected. 

Don’t let the loudest voices in the room, as far as reviews go, deter you from an otherwise good ignition interlock device company.

Overall, the decision is yours and you can easily find the best ignition interlock provider for you if you follow these tips. Read more to find out more about ignition interlock devices and what to expect.




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