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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about ignition interlock devices

Article | FAQs  

Find out answers to your most frequently asked questions about ignition interlock devices and breathalyzers. What is an ignition interlock device? How do you use the device? How much does an interlock cost? In addition, learn how to choose the best provider and device for you.

Fact vs. myth: Common breathalyzer myths busted

Article | Ignition interlock facts vs. myths  

Find answers to the common questions about ignition interlock and breathalyzer devices. Let us decipher the facts vs. the myths around foods and household items causing false positives, bypassing your device, cheating the ignition interlock system and more. Some of the answers will surprise you!

How to buy or lease the best ignition interlock device

Article | IID costs  

Learn how to lease an ignition interlock device after a drunk driving conviction. Choosing a highly rated interlock provider can be an important decision and many factors should be considered including pricing, quality and the company’s reputation.

Ignition interlock & drunk driving state laws

Article | DUI state laws  

Drunk driving laws and penalties vary greatly from state to state. Most states require an ignition interlock device following a drunk driving conviction (DUI) and about half of states require an interlock (car breathalyzer) after even a first offense. Learn more about the drunk driving laws in your state.


What to avoid when using your ignition interlock device

Article | Things to avoid  

If an ignition interlock device or car breathalyzer is installed in your vehicle, there is a list of foods and household products that should be avoided to prevent any false positives or failed breath tests. Read our list of some of those products, as well as why they could cause problems.

SR-22 Car insurance: Why you may need it after a DUI

Article | DUI insurance costs  

Find out what kind of insurance is required when you get an ignition interlock device. Some state laws require those convicted of drunk driving offenses to obtain SR-22 vehicle (high risk) insurance for a set period of time following your offense. Learn more about what your options are.