Finding DUI & alcohol recovery counseling

DUI counseling frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why would you want/need counseling for a DUI? 

The stress of a DUI conviction is a lot for one to handle. Counseling is a helpful outlet to assist in managing the stress as well as overcome potential triggers that would land you back in the same situation.  

In some states, anyone convicted of a DUI is required to participate in a counseling program. The length and type of program is determined by the severity of the offense and the state in which your offense occurred.


What is court-mandated counseling? 

In order to regain your license, some courts will require counseling or an alcohol education program. In some states, the convicted individual will need to be evaluated to determine how many hours will be mandated. 


The evaluation will determine: 

  • Whether substance abuse is present
  • The severity of the problem
  • The risk the individual poses to public safety


If the evaluation shows there is an alcohol dependency problem present, a treatment program will be further assessed. That could include: 

  • Rehabilitation program
  • An outpatient alcohol recovery program 
  • Counseling


In other states, there is no initial evaluation. Without the required amount of completed counseling, driving privileges will not be reinstated. 


What is the difference between group counseling and individual counseling? 


Group counseling allows for support of others in similar situations. 


Benefits include: 

  • Being in a group is helpful to assure each individual that they are not alone
  • Substance abuse groups generally consist of 10-12 people, allowing the opportunity to work with and learn from others 
  • No single individual is the focus of attention. 
  • Group therapy is usually less expensive than individual counseling



Individual therapy allows for an individual to work one on one with a counselor.


Benefits include: 

  • Every session is confidential 
  • The individual is the focus of the session which allows the therapist to be thorough in understanding specific needs
  • Analysis will be more comprehensive
  • Allows for self-awareness
  • Session times can be tailored to the individual’s schedule




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