Ignition interlock device accessories

An ignition interlock device, or IID, is a small device that is installed in the ignition of a vehicle that measures a user’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC). Along with a car breathalyzer, some states may require IID accessories. These IID accessories are usually court-ordered or required by the state. 


What is an IID Camera?

Many states now require a small camera be installed with ignition interlock devices. The camera takes a picture each time the IID is used, including during regular driving tests and random re-tests. These photographs provide a record of tests, tampering and any IID violations for DUI monitoring authorities to use.


Ignition interlock providers will install IID cameras when required or if requested. Surveillance records from IID cameras are available to the driver, monitoring authorities, and probationary officers. For privacy purposes, IID camera records are not publicly discoverable and can only be reviewed by a manufacturer or if ordered in court.


What’s the Purpose of an IID Camera?

Ignition interlock device cameras provide a record of IID driving tests to authorities and drivers. This works as a deterrent to drunk driving and provides evidence of who was driving a vehicle if an IID violation occurs. IID camera records can be used in court.


How Does an IID Camera Work?

Most IID cameras are wireless and transmit in real time to monitoring authorities.  Suctions mount IID cameras on the windshield of a driver’s vehicle and can be adjusted to focus on the driver. A light on the camera indicates it is linked to the IID and is ready for testing. An IID must remain in view of the camera throughout testing. 


What other accessories may be available for ignition interlock devices?

  • Online instructional videos
  • Manuals and reference guides
  • IID Mouthpieces
  • Protective carry cases
  • Mounting bracket
  • Adhesive for mounting


Are IID Accessories Required by Law?

Some states require an IID camera along with the device. Others require both an IID camera and GPS capabilities. This varies with the legal BrAC or BAC limit set by your state. In Vermont, for example, anyone who wishes to obtain a restricted driver’s license (RDL) must have a camera-equipped IID; if his or her BAC was .16 or above, however, the person must also have GPS capabilities.


For other states, IID cameras and GPS are only required for those seeking a court-ordered Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) or court-ordered reinstatement because their driving privilege is under a 5- or 10-year denial.

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