What to avoid when using an ignition interlock device

What to avoid when using your ignition interlock device

1. Alcohol

This seems obvious, but be sure to avoid all types of alcoholic beverage such as liquors, beers, cocktails and other products with alcohol as a main ingredient.


2. Mouthwash

Mouthwash contains a small amount of alcohol content in it, and though it is not ingested, the alcohol content in your mouth can potentially be enough to give a false positive.


3. Breath spray

Breath spray falls into the same category as mouthwash. Due to the small amount of alcohol content in the product, the alcohol in your mouth has the potential to give a false positive.


4. Tobacco products

Smoke from any tobacco products can damage the IID if enough smoke is blown into the device. This can cause future problems resulting in the replacement of the device as well as replacement costs for damaging the IID.


5. Pizza

The yeast that is present in the dough of certain pizzas has the potential to also display a false positive when conducting the blow test. This is why it is important to wait approximately 15 minutes prior to giving your sample, as well as rinsing your mouth out with water prior to testing.


6. Tampering/removing your device

Avoid tampering with or removing your ignition interlock device. Any tampering with the device can be considered an offense and lead to legal penalties, fees and additional time spent with the device or under close monitoring.


7. Illegal drugs and substances

Avoid the use of illegal drugs while using an ignition interlock device or breathalyzer. Even if the device itself is not testing for these drugs, which some may, there are other accessories such as cameras installed in the vehicle that will capture and report these incidents to your monitoring authority. Illegal drug use can also lead to further substance abuse and inhibits the recovery process of alcoholism and addiction.


8. Tricking or cheating a blow test

Attempting to trick or cheat a breathalyzer breath test can lead to legal action and penalties as well as major fees from the ignition interlock device providers. It is not possible to trick or cheat a BAC test using these devices and any attempt may lead to severe consequences. Videos and articles you see on this topic are often not accurate and considered tampering.


9. Distractions

Distractions while driving can lead to unsafe driving and potential rolling re-test issues. In order to drive with an ignition interlock device, the driver must be focused, obeying the laws of the road, paying close attention to speed and potentially pulling over to perform a rolling re-test safely. Distracting passengers, cell phone calls or text messages, loud music or other distractions are all things to avoid while driving and performing rolling re-tests.


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