How to install an ignition interlock device

Find out how to get your ignition interlock device installed


How does an ignition interlock device connect to my car? How does it work?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a car breathalyzer that is installed into a vehicle and requires the driver to provide a breath sample by blowing into a mouthpiece attached to the device. 

The ignition interlock detects the driver’s blood alcohol concentration and prevents engine ignition if the resulting sample that’s analyzed is equal to or greater than what has been programmed in as the limit. Until a passing breath sample is provided, the IID works to interrupt the communication between the starter and ignition. 


Who does the installation?

A certified ignition interlock installer is who would be required to handle and setup the equipment in a driver’s vehicle. Laws are in place that explicitly do not permit the participant to handle their own equipment during the install or de-installation process. 


How long does an ignition interlock device installation take?

Most ignition interlock installations take approximately an hour. However, depending on the customer’s vehicle, the appointment may take longer.


How do I schedule my ignition interlock installation? 

Most manufacturers require the participant to schedule an appointment either online or via phone call. The manufacturer works with local installers and the customer to schedule an appointment with a location that is available, trained to install on the make and model of the customer’s vehicle, and the right price and distance away from the customer’s location.





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