Ignition interlock device retests

Ignition interlock device and breathalyzer retests


How to submit an ignition interlock device blow retest 


Along with providing an initial blow test in order to start your vehicle, ignition interlock devices and breathalyzer devices require the user to submit “rolling re-tests” while operating a vehicle. A rolling re-test is another blow test after you begin driving. These re-tests are required to ensure the driver is not drinking and driving in the vehicle after their first test. Rolling re-tests are required by state law and conducted the exact same way as the first blow test provided, yet there are a few things that need to be considered. 


First, it is important to be prepared and aware that you are required to give a re-test. Once you provide your first sample and start your vehicle, the interlock starts a timer for when the next re-test will occur. This first re-test can be anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes at random depending on state regulations. 


The device will signal for the re-test by displaying text on the LED screen, as well as give a signal or noise to notify that another blow test is required. Then, simply provide the sample just like you would to start your vehicle. If you do not feel safe taking the re-test while driving, the device gives you enough time to comfortably pull the vehicle over in order to provide your sample. 


If you do not provide your sample on the first re-test signal, the device will continue to ask for a re-test until you provide a passing sample. However, if you take too long or fail the re-test, the device will, in most cases, give some sort of signal like initiating your horn, flash your lights, or the internal siren may sound depending on state regulations. Any combination or variation of these signals will occur in order to indicate the rolling re-test requirement has not been met.


As long as the vehicle is running, the device will continue to require re-tests at a minimum of once every hour, also depending on state regulations. Therefore it is important to be present in your vehicle as long as it is running.  
It is also important to keep the cabin of your vehicle clean and free from contaminants such as paint or cigarettes. Cigarettes can damage the internal workings of the interlock, and spilled or open paint can cause false tests due to the fumes in the vehicle. Eating food prior to providing a re-test sample is also not recommended. However, if food is consumed, ensure your mouth is clean and clear by washing it out with water prior to testing. 


To avoid any complications, simply follow the instructions on the device, avoid food and contaminations in your vehicle, and do not leave your vehicle unattended while it is running. 


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