Ignition interlock device repairs & services

How to get services & repairs to your vehicle or device when using an ignition interlock device


How do I get repairs and services to my vehicle or device when using an ignition interlock device?

Repairs or service on their device need to be done by a certified ignition interlock installer that is certified with your device’s manufacturer.

Also by federal law, IID customers are not permitted to perform any tampering or circumvention of their ignition interlock device.


Where do I go to get repairs and services?

Customers do not need to visit the same certified ignition interlock installer that performed their initial install, but they do need to verify that the professional evaluating their device is certified with that manufacturer.


What do the IID companies do to help customers when they have IID issues on the road?

There’s a number of steps a customer can undertake to troubleshoot any issues they may experience with their device. Customers should review their device manual or any customer literature provided by the manufacturer or service center.

For further troubleshooting, they would need to contact their local service center or the manufacturer’s customer service.


What kinds of services are typically needed for IIDs?

Beyond the installation and de-installation of the device, the most common service required for an ignition interlock is the calibration.

A calibration is the process of exchanging one device for another in order to download the data logs and make sure each unit is correctly programmed. A customer’s calibration length is determined by the state or monitoring authority requiring the ignition interlock device.

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