Passing a breathalyzer breath test

How to pass an ignition interlock device blow test


Learn how to pass a car ignition interlock device or breathalyzer blow test by following a few simple rules. Try these tips and tricks for passing a breathalyzer breath test. Here are few things that you need to remember before and during the test:


  • Avoid alcohols


Remember that ingested alcohol and mouth alcohol can both be detected by the ignition interlock. Mouth alcohol is the alcohol content that is present in your mouth, this can be detected from products like mouth wash, or even pizza. The yeast in the dough of pizza, depending on certain types, may contain a small enough amount of alcohol for the ignition interlock to detect it. Therefore it is important to not only eat pizza, but to not eat any food prior to giving your sample, as it may give you a false positive. This is similar for mouthwash as it contains a small amount of alcohol that can be detected prior to testing as well.


  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of contaminants. 


Cigarette smoke can potentially damage the ignition interlock device which can cause not only a high expense to you for damaging the IID, but it can become problematic for future blow tests as well. 


During your blow test, there are 4 things that the IID requires in order to pass: 

  • Proper breath temperature 
  • Breath volume 
  • Breath pressure 
  • Vibration.


The only ones you need to be cognizant of are breath volume and breath pressure. When blowing into the device, it is important to ensure you are blowing a lot of air, as well as the right amount of pressure into the mouthpiece. 


You can conduct a regular blow, a blow-suck-blow, or blow-hum-blow technique when giving your sample. All will give a proper test for the IID with the right air volume and pressure.


  • Be ready for the rolling retest. 


The retest is conducted in the same way as your initial blow test to start the vehicle. It is important to remember the first 3 steps as mouth alcohol, food, contaminants, and a proper sample are all still factors that need to be considered during the rolling retest. 

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