Understanding DUI state laws in your state

What is the DUI process in my state?


The DUI process and requirements vary state by state.


How do I find out what is required in my state?

We have outlined some of the key requirements in most states as well as some costs associated with the various steps to regaining your license after a DUI offense. It is important to look at the state laws in your state in order to know the DUI state laws and requirements for your state, city and county. 


How do I know if I am required to get an ignition interlock device?

The court order or letter you recieve with your final offense information and assigned requirements will specify if an ignition interlock device is required in order to fulfill your requirements in the case of a suspended or restricted license after a DUI offense.

Your monitoring authority and/or DUI attorney will also be able to help you understand the time period and exact steps you must complete in order to regain your license.


How do I get my ignition interlock device?

Some states may require various paperwork in order to get your ignition interlock device. Paperwork may include your court order, vehicle information and monitoring authority involvement. 


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